Our Story

The story of George’s® Beverage Company began with a simple request: patrons wanted a reliable bloody mary mix that was ready to pour and enjoy. After years of careful measurements, recipe adjustments, and taste tests, the first George’s® Bloody Mary Mix was born!

Founded by Greg David, Theda Bakis, Alex Esham and Brooks Cotgreave, George’s® is one of the fastest growing producers of high-quality mixes in the United States, with more soon to come! Years of hard work, dedication and collaborating with the top manufactures in the country, transformed what began as George’s® Mixes, to George’s® Beverage Company.

Greg brings over 20 years of experience in the service industry, working as a Bartender, Bar Manager, and Restaurant Operations Director. He grew up in his late father, George’s restaurants in the Washington DC area, where he learned the art of diligence, passion, and integrity. It was his father’s mission to deliver a superior customer experience by preparing and serving the freshest and finest foods. George had an infectious smile and was a well-loved man in his community for his caring and generous personality.

It is this inspiration, to put the absolute BEST product out there, that Greg brings into the George’s® mixer line! Greg joined forces with Alex and Theda who bring more than 32 years of experience in the service industry. Brooks joined the team with an extended background in supply chain, finance, and operations.

So, what exactly does George’s® Beverage Company offer? We’re glad you asked!

The product lineup is based on quality, responsible sourcing of natural ingredients and of course flavor! It begins with craft bloody mary mixes that are sure to delight. George’s® Spicy and Mild mixes were up first, offering a truly classic taste with full-bodied and well-balanced flavor. As Georges® grew, so did their products, including a partnership with McCormick® Spice Company to introduce the first-ever Old Bay® Bloody Mary, Zatarain’s® Cajun Bloody Mary, and Frank’s RedHot® Original Bloody Mary mixes. While George’s may be known as the microbrew of bloody mary mixes, they’re way more than that!

The George’s® team continued to grow their product offerings and give customers what they want, such as George’s® Lime Margarita Mix, Sweet and Sour Mix, Strawberry Margarita-Daiquiri Mix, Pina Colada Mix, and more to come! These products are gluten-free, and made with real natural ingredients, featuring blends of fruits and flavors, crafted to perfection. With all George’s® products, each one is THE finished product, no additions needed but your favorite spirit!

Interested in learning more about the mixes? Find the full product lineup here!

So, stay tuned! The incredible team at George’s® Beverage Company has no plans of slowing down in the future…and they are having fun every step of the way!


guy holding tray of Pina Colada shots
Greg David
Alex Esham & Theda Bakis
Alex Esham & Theda Bakis
Brooks Cotgreave Family
Brooks Cotgreave