Where are GEORGE’S® Products made?

GEORGE’S® is made in the USA by the top Manufacturers in the Craft Beverage Category.

Do GEORGE’S® products contain Gluten?

No. GEORGE’S® products are gluten-free.

Does GEORGE’S® products contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)?

No. GEORGE’S® products do not contain HFCS.

Is sediment/color variations normal?

Yes. GEORGE’S® uses Real, Natural Ingredients in all of our Craft Cocktail Mixes. Separation is absolutely normal.

Once a bottle of GEORGE’S® cocktail mixes is opened, how long is a bottle good for?

Bloodies: 24 months.

Margarita: 18 months.

(4 weeks in fridge is good to go)

Do GEORGE’S® products use real fruits and vegetables?

Yes. GEORGE’S® uses Real Fruits and Vegetables in all of our Craft Cocktail Mixes.

Who can I talk to regarding marketing or sponsorship requests?

Email all requests to us at [email protected].

I’m interested in offering GEORGE’S® products for my restaurant or store, who should I contact?

Email all inquiries to us at [email protected].