George's Organic Vodka bottle with gold medallion


Maryland’s Premium Organic Vodka

Purely Organic * Smoothly Delicious

GEORGE’S® Organic Vodka is made with the highest quality organic ingredients. The water is sourced from a limestone-shelved aquifer that includes Western Maryland, West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky and Eastern/Central Tennessee and is a big deal when it comes to distilling Vodka! The water is regarded as one of the cleanest and best tasting in the United States. This results in a very smooth and velvety tasting Vodka with a soft mouthfeel. It is distilled locally in Frederick, Maryland with love and care using sustainable practices that protect the Chesapeake Bay & our natural waterways.

GEORGE’S® Organic Vodka undergoes a meticulous six-time distillation process, resulting in unparalleled smoothness. Made from organic corn, it boasts a clean character offering a well-rounded flavor that enhances any cocktail creation. It serves as the perfect foundation for mixology masterpieces, whether crafting timeless classics or daring innovations. Raise your glass and discover vodka redefined.

Our vodka is clean, light and refreshing and makes for the perfect cocktail every time!

  • 6 Times Distilled From Organic Corn
  • Small Batch
  • Gluten Free
  • Smooth & Soft Texture
  • Versatile
  • Balanced
  • Family Owned
  • Perfect Base For All Of Your Cocktail Needs
  • Made & Bottled in Frederick, MD at McClintock Distilling