2 GEORGE’S® Bacon Infused OLD BAY® Bloody Marys served in OLD BAY® rimmed glasses with bacon and OLD BAY® seasoned celery stalk garnish

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Necessity is the mother of invention and whether it’s used for “curing” or “starting” the day off on the right foot there’s a reason Bloody Marys exist. Their balance of tomato juice, spice, and booze, make for a magical elixir that has a special place during the morning and brunch hours.

For those of us who have come to rely on enjoy the satisfying force of a great bloody Mary, we all know how disappointing a subpar version of the concoction is. It’s the reason that when a proper Bloody Mary mix is found, a sacred bond is formed, and often marriage vows are taken. For many Marylanders (including the Gluttons) George’s Bloody Mary Mix has come to represent just this.

Born in seaside summer destination town of Ocean City, MD, George’s has quietly become an embedded cultural mixer of the State and is proudly served at Baltimore Ravens games, the Preakness, the Naval Academy, and over 800 local watering holes. Balanced and addicting it’s the type of Bloody Mary mix that people are easily surprised by and more often than not feel compelled to partake in a second or third pint of.

Here’s my complete review:

George’s Bloody Mary Mix
A balance play of flavors with tomato juice playing background music to the predominant delivery of mild horseradish, pepper, Old Bay, and a touch of clam juice on the nose. The palate repeats the nose’s construction while incorporating a touch of celery salt and freshness of citrusy lemon. The mouthfeel is thick, but not chewy providing an inviting environment for your favorite vodka.

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Note: There is no clam juice in GEORGE’S®.