5 Best Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Plastic Easter Eggs on Grass

Hunting for Easter eggs isn’t just for the kids! While we love a good candy-fueled foot race to find all of the best hidden eggs, kids shouldn’t be the ones having all of the fun! At George’s Beverage Company, we believe in being a kid at heart, which is why we’ve narrowed down our top 5 best adult Easter egg hunts to help you plan a day of fun festivities that those grown ups will be talking about for years to come! 

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Adult Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Mini-Bottle Stuffed Eggs

What’s better than chocolates in your Easter egg? A mini-bottle of your favorite spirit, of course! Fill up those plastic eggs with egg-fillers for your 21+ crowd for an instant crowd pleaser. 


  1. Booze-Inspired Jelly Beans

Okay, maybe real alcohol feels a bit too much for an egg hunt, or maybe you have under-aged big kids participating too. Satisfy your mixed-age crowd by filling your eggs with booze-flavored jelly beans! Choose from pina colada, champagne mimosa, mojito, among others, to give your egg hunt that grown-up twist, with no real alcohol involved! 


  1. Treasure Hunt

Kids may be about the quantity, while adults are all about that quality! One big-ticket item is typically a more exciting prize than a bunch of smaller candies. So, fill up your Easter eggs with a series of clues that will lead hunters to one grand prize! Might we suggest one of George’s Beverage Company cocktail mixes or a bottle of OLD BAY® VODKA


  1. Gift Card Easter Egg Hunt

Who wouldn’t want to win a Starbucks coffee, or a freebee at Target? Fill your grown up Easter eggs with gift cards and allow your hunters to get what they really want this Easter! 


  1. Golden Ticket

Who has the golden ticket? Bring out everyone’s competitive side by hiding one golden ticket among a multitude of plastic eggs! The grown ups will have fun tracking it down, and have even more fun when they redeem their prize of George’s Beverage Company cocktail mixes and a bottle of OLD BAY® VODKA


Are you all set for your adult Easter egg hunt? Pregame your hunt with some of our favorite George’s cocktail recipes! Remember to find George’s® Craft Cocktail Mixes near you, or shop our mixes online to have them shipped right to your door.