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Berlin, MD: Georges® Mixes, one of the fastest-growing producers of high quality, non-alcoholic mixes in the United States, announced today that the company will begin operating under a new name, George’s® Beverage Company, LLC, effective immediately. The rebranding strategy reflects the evolution of the company and its vision for the future.

“We see growth and opportunity for our brand as we get closer to the spirits side of the industry,” said Greg David, owner, George’s® Beverage Company, LLC. “We recently obtained our wholesaler license to distribute alcoholic beverages which opens the door to expanding our product line to include craft spirits, and ready to drink (RTD) packaged beverages. We also have several mixers in the pipeline for release and plan to continue developing innovative ways to bring our high-quality, all-natural, robust flavors to our customers and retail clients.”

George’s® newest addition to the mix family is a Piña Colada made with real natural coconut milk, lime, and pineapple. Another exciting product release with partner McCormick® is right around the corner.

The company’s ownership has not changed. George’s® Beverage Company was founded by Greg David, Theda Bakis, Alex Esham, and Peter Cotgreave with one goal in mind: to bring customers a premium product, built on strong values and unparalleled customer service. The team will continue to deliver new products with the same intent and commitment to the communities it serves.

About George’s® Beverage Company: George’s® Beverage Company started out as the microbrew of Bloody Marys. George’s® Beverage Company mixes are now sold and served across the U.S., boasting a full line of Bloody Mary mixes with Spicy and Mild as the original mixes. Through a collaboration with powerhouse partner McCormick & Company, Incorporated came the release of the first-ever OLD BAY® Bloody Mary, Zatarain’s® Cajun Bloody Mary Mix, and Frank’s RedHot® Bloody Mary. All of George’s® Bloody Mary Mixes feature the freshest ingredients and are incredibly balanced for the perfect taste and spice!

George’s® also produces a low-calorie lime margarita mix, which is a perfect blend of lime, citrus, and agave nectar flavors and a sweet & sour cocktail mix featuring real, fresh fruit and pure cane sugar. Recently launched is the Craft Strawberry Margarita-Daquiri which contains 61% real juice, real strawberry puree, and real lime and orange. The sweetness is derived from fresh fruit, agave nectar, and pure cane sugar. Made with real natural ingredients. George’s is the finished product, with no additions needed, but your favorite spirit!