OLD BAY® is Going on Everything!

Old Bay Vodka surrounded by Maryland crabs

Is OLD BAY® going on everything these days? Well, we certainly hope so! The Washingtonian recently wrote an article about OLD BAY® crab seasoning branching out to be for more than just great seafood, and they’re not wrong!

Over recent years, OLD BAY® has been propelling the Chesapeake Bay region’s beloved spice blend beyond the East Coast, making an even bigger name out of our favorite seasoning. With popular collabs and products such as OLD BAY® Seasoned Goldfish®, nuts, chips, hot sauce, and much more, OLD BAY® has skyrocketed into a staple item in everyone’s home.

Yes, this includes George’s OLD BAY® Bloody Mary Mix, and OLD BAY® VODKA, too! Keep reading to learn more about our history with OLD BAY®, and how diverse these products really are!

At George’s® Beverage Company™, we’re proud to have been along the ride since 2015! In fact, we worked on one of the first-ever collaborations with McCormick® & Company to create George’s OLD BAY® Bloody Mary Mix. A delicious Bloody Mary mix that embodies the iconic OLD BAY® flavor and other fresh, natural, premium ingredients.

Not only is our OLD BAY® Bloody Mary Mix amazing when crafting the perfect bloody mary, but it’s also a perfect addition to many of your favorite food recipes! We love to use this mix for the perfect Maryland crab soup, crab dip, and even to season some awesome chicken wings! You can find more recipes, and more information about our OLD BAY® Bloody Mary Mix, also known as the best grocery store bloody mary mix, here!

I keep OLD BAY with the salt and pepper on the table,” quotes the Washingtonian.

When our team had the chance to partner up with McCormick Spice Company and McClintock Distilling to launch OLD BAY® VODKA, we were all in! OLD BAY® VODKA is a crisp, refreshing, six-times distilled vodka infused with the iconic flavor of OLD BAY® Seasoning. And, it’s versatile to boot which Sylvie McNamara with the Washingtonian witnessed first hand when we met.

..Theda’s phone dings. It’s her twin sister, who has just invented the “Frozen Old Bay Pineapple Sour.writes McNamara, “..Theda hands me her phone, and the tension in my shoulders dissolves. I’d order this drink: In the picture, it looks like blended sunshine—like summer sliding in, like a pile of crabs at the shore.

The Frozen Old Bay Pineapple is just one more way that you can throw it down with OBV, check out some of our favorite recipes below.

Ways to Enjoy OLD BAY® VODKA

Old Bay Vodka Bay Crush

Bay Crush
Introducing the ultimate summer cocktail! Refreshing, crisp, light, and oh so good! Crush on one of our new favorite drinks, the Bay Crush! Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, 1 ½ oz. of OLD BAY® VODKA, 1 ½ oz. of triple sec, and 2 oz. of fresh lemon juice. Strain into an ice-filled glass with 3 oz. of your favorite lemon-lime soda, stir to mix, garnish with a fresh lemon wheel, and enjoy!


Shore Crush Cocktail made with Old Bay Vodka

Shore Crush
Your next go-to cocktail is here! Sip on the taste of sweet, sweet, summertime with the Shore Crush! Simply combine 1 ½ oz. of OLD BAY®️ VODKA, 3 oz. of watermelon juice, or puréed watermelon, and 1 oz. of fresh lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Then, pour over an ice-filled glass that’s rimmed lightly with OLD BAY®️. Garnish your drink with a lime, and lightly dusted watermelon wedge or cubes. Cheers!

Old Bay Vodka BayRita Drink on Steps

The Bay-Rita
Enjoy your favorite classic cocktail, with a modern twist! The Bay-Rita merges everything delicious about a margarita and combines it with the bold flavor of OLD BAY® VODKA. Simply wet the rim of your glass with a lime wedge, dip in OLD BAY® to coat, and fill your glass with ice. Then, fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add your vodka, and GEORGE’S® Lime Margarita Mix. Shake well, strain into your ice-filled glass, and garnish with a fresh lime wheel.

OLD BAY® VODKA isn’t just about the drinks, either! This spirit tastes amazing in food recipes, too! See some of our favorites below.

Gnocchi made with Old Bay Vodka

Gnocchi Alla OLD BAY® VODKA
Gnocchi and vodka? We’re in! This dish is ready in just 20-minutes, serving up the perfect mix of soft potato gnocchi, vodka tomato sauce, and spike with that iconic OLD BAY® VODKA.

Simply cook your gnocchi as directed on the package, and reserve ¼ cup of pasta water, then set aside. Melt your butter into a large deep saucepan on medium-high heat. Add your garlic and cook. Then, add your tomato paste and cook until dark red in color.

Add your OLD BAY® Vodka until blended well, whisk in the heavy cream, and bring to a simmer, cooking and stirring until the sauce is smooth and thickened. Then, stir in some OLD BAY® Seasoning and the reserved pasta water until the sauce is well-blended.

Stir in your gnocchi, and toss to coat well. Serve with crusty bread for dipping, and enjoy!

grilled shrimp with Old Bay Vodka

Eastern Shore Drunken Shrimp
Nothing screams East Coast living like some OLD BAY® VODKA drunken shrimp! Simply mix lemon juice, OLD BAY® VODKA, garlic, salt, and pepper in a small bowl. Then, pour into a large resealable plastic bag, add your shrimp, and marinate in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Preheat your grill to medium-high heat, and thread the shrimp onto skewers. Grill for 5-7 minutes until the shrimp turn pink, turning once. Sprinkle with OLD BAY® Seasoning and eat up!

We wanted to have the quintessential Old Bay tastes,” says one of our co-founders, Greg David, “but it had to be subtle, something you could sip at room temperature.” And, we think we did just that!

Find other great ways to enjoy OLD BAY® VODKA on our recipe page!

San Francisco World Spirits Competition WINNERS!

Oh, and did we mention that OLD BAY® VODKA won the Double Gold Medal at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition?!

Founded in 2000, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is the oldest and largest competition of its kind. Tasting Alliance Competitions are considered the most influential and prestigious competitions of their kind and we are so proud to be a part of the 2022 class!

Raise a glass of OLD BAY® VODKA and see where you can purchase this refreshing new spirit, and remember to follow George’s® Beverage Company and OLD BAY® on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok!