Top 3 Super Bowl Food Recipes 

George's Chicken Dip with George's Franks RedHot Mix

Who’s ready for some football?! One of the best parts of getting your friends and family together for the big game is the amazing food that comes with it! That’s why we’ve rounded up our top three best Super Bowl recipes to last throughout the entire game. 

Get the whole crew cheering with these amazing game day recipes from George’s® Beverage Company

Best Game Day Recipes

  1. Frank’s RedHot® Bloody Mary Buffalo Chicken Dip

Football and buffalo chicken go together like peanut butter and jelly, like cookies and milk, like George’s® Craft Cocktail Mixes and your favorite spirit, like… well, you get the gist. Buffalo chicken is a staple for any game day party, and Frank’s RedHot® Bloody Mary Buffalo Chicken Dip is the best of the best. Simply serve up with your favorite chips and veggies and enjoy!

  1. Frank’s RedHot® Bloody Mary Buffalo Chicken Wings

What better to serve up at your Super Bowl party than our Frank’s RedHot® Bloody Mary Buffalo Chicken Wings?! This crowd-pleaser is finger-lickin’, fall-off-the-bone GOOD! How can you take this classic up a notch? Serve it with our Frank’s RedHot® Bloody Mary Blue Cheese Wing Dipping Sauce, of course! 

  1. GEORGE’S® Queso Dip

What’s a Super Bowl party without some chips and dip? A favorite among our friends and family has to be our GEORGE’S® queso dip! This is an easy one to make with only 4 ingredients combined in a bowl, placed in the microwave, and then ready to enjoy within a few minutes. 

Ready to get cooking? Don’t forget that, while ‘’we note our preferences for each recipe, you can choose from all of our mixes for a taste tailored to your taste buds! Choose from George’s® Frank’s RedHot®, Old Bay®, Zatarain’s®, or classic Spicy or Mild Bloody Mary Mix for the WIN!

Now that you have your menu down, it’s time to start preparing. See the full list of our favorite food recipes to expand on your Super Bowl offerings! You can find George’s® Craft Cocktail Mixes near you, or shop our mixes online to be game day ready. 

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