The Best Spirit and Drink Pairings

George's Craft Cocktail Mixes and Old Bay Vodka

The holiday season is just around the corner, and at George’s Beverage Company, we thought it would be the perfect time to share our mini-guide to the best spirit and drink pairings! Our team has you covered from tequila to gin, and vodka to whiskey and bourbon. Cheers to the holiday season!


We know that there are some who are “anything goes” when it comes to tequila– and we get it! But when we mix up our favorite George’s cocktails, we try to keep these tips at the front of mind for the ultimate flavor! 

  1. For most of our cocktail and margarita recipes, we prefer tequila blanco for the taste of the cocktail recipe to really shine through! Tequila blanco is not aged, and has more of a straightforward, agave-centric flavor, and a bit of a spicy finish!
  2. If you would like to substitute, we prefer reposado for a smoother, caramel, nutty/vanilla flavor from the oak! Reposado is aged 2-12 months and makes a smooth, sophisticated margarita.
  3. Lime, grapefruit, jalapeño, and tomato juice (Bloody Maria recipe found here!), are all flavors that work well with a good reposado! Try our GEORGE’S® Rosemary Grapefruit Margarita or our GEORGE’S® Blood Orange Margarita with reposado for a delicious drink.
  4. Anejo tequila is aged 1-4 years in oak barrels and is rich and complex in its flavor profile. This type of tequila has notes of honey, vanilla, and cinnamon baking spice.

Pro Tip: Anejo is best enjoyed sipping it straight up. Save the tequila blanco and reposado for mixing your favorite margarita!  


Old Bay Vodka Bay Crush

Vodka is one of the most versatile and popular liquors for cocktails, and our personal choice for the most delicious Bloody Mary. But did you know that vodka also makes an awesome addition to our Margarita mixes?

Because of the subtle flavor of vodka, it takes on the character of the drink. Of course, there are flavored vodkas to customize your cocktail, so you can have fun trying out drink flavors to rev up your cocktail game! Vodka mixes well with almost any drink, unlike more distinctive liquors, such as whiskey or bourbon.

If you’re looking for a fresh, crisp vodka, we highly recommend the new and highly coveted, OLD BAY® VODKA! Upgrade your cocktail game and check out just how versatile this delicious spirit is!

Click here for the 5 best ways to enjoy OLD BAY® VODKA, which includes The Bay-Rita made with GEORGE’S® Margarita Mix, as well as the Bay Crush! OLD BAY® VODKA is the perfect way to enjoy an elevated Bloody Mary and Bay Oyster Shooters.

OLD BAY® VODKA is a San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold winner. This double gold award designation is awarded to very few entries of exceptional spirits that receive Gold medal ratings by all members of the judging panel. Read more on that here!

OLD BAY® VODKA is a crisp, refreshing smooth vodka with fresh celery and herbal notes followed by sweet spice and mild heat (red pepper) notes. This is an extremely well-balanced easy drinking and very versatile Vodka that pairs beautifully with many food and drink recipes. It’s all-natural, 6 times distilled, and made and bottled in Frederick, MD by McClintock Distilling.


Gin is a distilled spirit that is made from grain and flavored with botanicals. It is most noted for its herbal flavor, along with citrus due to its main ingredient, juniper berries!

When we’re mixing gin, we love to add it in with our George’s® Spicy or Mild Bloody Mary Mix. Gin adds flavor and character, and mixes easily that will set your drink apart from your typical bloody mary, making it a Red Snapper! Or, mix it with our GEORGE’S® Sweet and Sour Mix and soda water for an epic GEORGE’S® Tom Collins Cocktail

Whiskey + Bourbon

GEORGE’S® Whiskey Sour served in small glass with orange peel and cocktail cherry garnish

Bourbon has strong notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel, making it tasty by itself, or in classic cocktails. Whiskey, on the other hand, is smoky, malty, and briny, with a complex flavor profile. Consider mixing your bourbon with GEORGE’S® Sweet and Sour Mix and pineapple juice for a fruity GEORGE’S® Pineapple Sour. Or, mix your whiskey with GEORGE’S® Sweet and Sour Mix for a classic GEORGE’S® Whiskey Sour

Enjoy these favorites and more by finding George’s® Craft Cocktail Mixes near you, or shop our mixes online to have them shipped right to your door. 

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