The Ultimate GEORGE’S® Holiday Gift List

George's Craft Cocktail Mixes and Old Bay Vodka

‘Tis the season for cocktails…and lots of them! Not sure what to get for all your cocktail lovers this holiday season? From vodka to tequila and whiskey, we’re calling the shots for this holiday gift guide guaranteed to ‘WOW’ your friends and family. At George’s, we’ve curated a fun holiday gift list that shares our favorite GEORGE’S® Beverage Company and OLD BAY® VODKA products and recipes

Our Holiday Gift List for Cocktail Lovers

Bring on the white elephant and secret Santa exchanges! Our cocktail mixes make the perfect addition to gift baskets and cocktail sets that will bring a big smile to your cocktail-loving friends. 

It’s no secret that the best gifts are the ones that show you really know the person, so we put together a list of all the cocktail lovers who might be on your shopping list this year!

Pina colada cocktail recipe with pina colada mix and rum

Beach Lover

For the one that wants to be on island time, make sure they have our Pina Colada Mix, a bottle of rum, and a set of hurricane glasses under the tree. Throw in some mini-umbrellas and a jar of cocktail maraschino cherries for garnishing for good measure! Made with real natural coconut milk, fresh pineapple, and a hint of lime, it’s the perfect gift for the beach-loving, cocktail-drinking friends in your life!

Include our fail-proof recipe in their Christmas card so they can enjoy GEORGE’S® Pina Colada all year long!

3 oz GEORGE’S® Pina Colada Mix
1.5 oz of your favorite Rum
2 cups of ice

Place all ingredients into a blender and blend very well.
Garnish with pineapple if desired.


bloody mary on table by the bay
The Marylander

For the Marylander on your list, how about giving them the taste of Maryland? The  OLD BAY® VODKA is a crisp, refreshing, six-times distilled vodka infused with the iconic flavor of OLD BAY® Seasoning that not only creates the ULTIMATE Bloody Mary but a killer Moscow mule, a multitude of classic and unique cocktails or simply by itself. For a holiday gift, consider adding a set of Maryland flag tumblers, blue crab coasters, and heck, OLD BAY SEASONING for rimming for the win!

Know a Maryland Lover who also loves brunch? Gift the OLD BAY® Bloody Mary Mix, the first-ever collaboration with McCormick® Spice Company with Old Bay® embodying the flavors of the Chesapeake. Here’s one of our favorite Old Bay® Bloody Mary recipes.

1 1/2 ounces OLD BAY® VODKA
4 ounces (1/2 cup) OLD BAY® Bloody Mary Mix
OLD BAY® Seasoning
Lemon wedge

Wet rim of tall beverage glass with a lemon wedge. Dip in OLD BAY® to coat the rim.
Fill with ice. Set aside.
Fill the cocktail shaker half full of ice.
Add Vodka and Bloody Mary Mix. Shake well.
Strain into ice-filled glass.
Garnish with celery stalk and lemon wedge.


cocktail with cherry and lemon rind on deck

The Mixologist

Our Sweet and Sour Mix is your secret weapon behind the bar and works in a wide range of cocktails and is PERFECT for the mixologist on your list. This small batch, handcrafted, mix has a delicious, well-rounded taste that is unique yet traditional. 

Our George’s Sweet and Sour Mix is great in all your sour cocktails, margaritas, martinis, and many other classic cocktails. Your favorite mixologist will love finding a variety of mini liquor bottles in their stocking along with our Sweet and Sour Mix paired with a cocktail set complete with a shaker and strainer. They will also love finding our Bay Sour Recipe tucked into their Christmas card! 

2 ounces (1/4 cup) OLD BAY® VODKA
1 1/2 ounces George’s® Sour Mix
Three dashes bitters
One egg white


Add Vodka, sour mix, and bitters to an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake well.
Add egg white. Shake well.
Strain into a rocks glass.
Garnish with a cherry and a twist of lemon.

Serial Bruncher

What do you get for the person who’d rather be brunching? A gift set of bloody mary mixes, of course! With a fantastic variety to choose from, you can’t go wrong with our mixes. The  Old Bay Bloody Mary MixZATARAIN’S® Cajun Bloody Mary Mix, and Frank’s Redhot® Original Bloody Mary Mix are fun choices for adventurous brunch lovers. You can get our  Mild or Spicy Bloody Mary Mix featuring fresh horseradish for the bloody mary enthusiast who prefers the classic. Make sure to include a bottle of Old Bay VODKA for the Elevated Bloody Mary along with pint glasses and garnishes like pickles, a variety of olives, and even dilly beans along with cocktail toothpicks for the win!


bloody Mary buffalo chicken wings and dressing on plate with bottle of FRANK'S RedHot® sauce

Wing Connoisseur 

It’s a no-brainer that the wing lover in your life NEEDS FRANK’S REDHOT BLOODY MARY MIX in their world. Grab an air fryer and a set of serving platters along with some fun wing-inspired merch like some fun tees to go with our  Frank’s Redhot® Original Bloody Mary Mix. We added America’s #1 selling hot sauce to our bloody mary mix for the best addition of tang, making it an excellent gift for the foodie in the family, especially the one who loves wings! The wing connoisseur can try a new recipe like our favorite Frank’s RedHot® Bloody Mary Buffalo Chicken Wings

 Frozen Drink Lover

There’s always one who loves blended, icy cocktails! Aside from our Pina Colada Mix, our  Strawberry-Margarita Daiquiri Mix fits the bill here! This is an all-natural, versatile mix that is both excellent in Margarita’s and Daiquiri’s! Throw in a bottle of Rum, a blender, and a set of coupe glasses and you’re ready to rock and roll! Here’s our go-to recipe below for our Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

3 oz GEORGE’S® Strawberry-Daiquiri Mix
1.5 oz of your favorite Rum
2 cups ice
Strawberry for garnish

Mix 3 ingredients into the blender
Blend very well
Pour into a glass and garnish with a strawberry.

George's Cranberry Margarita

Tequila Lover

Do you have that one friend who always says, “save water, drink tequila?” Then they will love discovering that their Secret Santa gift is a set of shot glasses, a bottle of tequila, and our Lime Margarita Mix. Be sure to include one of our favorite holiday cocktails such as the George’s Cranberry Margarita so they have the recipe for this gorgeous cocktail right at their fingertips! 

2 oz Blanco Tequila
1 oz GEORGE’S® Margarita Mix
1 oz Cranberry juice
Lime wedge for garnish
Cranberries for garnish


Combine tequila, GEORGE’S, and cranberry juice in a shaker with some ice.
Shake and strain over ice-filled glasses.
Garnish with lime and cranberries.


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