Top Tailgating Tips This Football Season

bloody Mary buffalo chicken wings and dressing on plate with bottle of FRANK'S RedHot® sauce

It’s officially football season, which means that it’s time to get your tailgate on! At George’s®️ Beverage Company, we know that you’re ready to get out there and watch your favorite teams duke it out, but first, we want to make sure that you’re prepared. Ensure that you’re ready for gameday with the best food, cocktail recipes, and games to maximize your tailgating experience!

Top 5 Tailgating Foods

1. Frank’s RedHot® Bloody Mary Buffalo Chicken Wings
Nothing says football like sharing a platter of your favorite hot wings while watching the big game! Have the best wings prepared to share with the crowds with our Frank’s RedHot® Bloody Mary Buffalo Chicken Wings.

Bonus Tip: Whip up some of our Frank’s RedHot Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce for the perfect dipping combo!

2. Frank’s RedHot® Bloody Mary Buffalo Chicken Dip
Frank’s RedHot® Bloody Mary Buffalo Chicken Dip is the perfect addition for your favorite chips and veggies! The best part? This dip is a super simple crowd pleaser, simply add all ingredients to your baking dish, bake, serve, and enjoy!

3. George’s® Chili
There’s nothing better on a chilly game day than to warm yourself up with our classic George’s® Chili! Turn up the heat with some cayenne pepper, and choose your favorite bloody mary mix and tailor the flavor. Choose from George’s® Frank’s RedHot®, Old Bay®, Zatarain’s®, or classic Spicy or Mild Bloody Mary Mix for the WIN!

4. George’s® Maryland Crab Soup
Okay, we get it- you LOVE Maryland football just like us, we can’t blame you! Soup may not be top of mind when it comes to tailgating, but we promise that whipping up our Maryland Crab Soup with any of your favorite George’s® Bloody Mary Mixes will be well worth the effort ahead of time. Bring the crockpot and some extra dishes because your group will definitely be asking for seconds!

5. George’s® Turkey Club Pinwheels
Bacon, cream cheese, and George’s® Bloody Mary Mixes, need we say more?! Serve up our George’s® Turkey Club Pinwheels to get ready to roll, serve, and enjoy, while watching your favorite team go head to head!

Top 3 Tailgating Drinks

1. George’s® Bloody Mary
Is there anything better than getting ready for a football-filled morning than a classic bloody mary? Simply add your favorite vodka to this AM classic and mix with your favorite bloody mary mix, choose from George’s® Frank’s RedHot®, Old Bay®, Zatarain’s®, classic Spicy or Mild Bloody Mary Mix!

2. George’s® Michelada
What’s a tailgate without a little beer? Mix your favorite Mexican Lager brew with George’s® Bloody Mary Mix, and don’t forget to rim your glass with Old Bay® seasoning for an irresistible combo. Tailor your Flavor with any of our Bloody Mary Mixes for the Ultimate Michelada!

3. Classic George’s® Margarita
Tailgating and Margaritas? Well heck yeah! With our Lime Margarita Mix the possibilities are endless and frankly couldn’t be easier. You can tailor your flavor by checking out our many recipes AND while you’re at it, why not Big Batch them? THAT’S a party!

Top Tailgate Games

You have the booze, you have the food, now it’s time to play while you watch your teams take it home. Check out some of our favorite times to “take a drink when” the big game is on below!

Drink One When…

  • The team owner is shown.
  • There’s an incomplete pass.
  • Someone at your tailgate talks about their fantasy team.
  • There’s a touchback.
  • Your team scores a touchdown.

Drink Two When…

  • A Manning brother is in the commercial.
  • There’s a missed field goal.
  • Your team’s quarterback gets sacked.
  • The ball is fumbled.
  • A timeout is called.

Finish Your Drink When…

  • Your team scores first.
  • Halftime starts.
  • There’s an epic touchdown dance.
  • Your team’s coach challenges a call.
  • Your team wins.

Now that you’re prepared with the best tailgating food, drinks, and games, get out there and enjoy some football!

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